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The installation of a driveway can be a large financial investment in your property as well as being the first thing people see of your home or business. As such driveway cleaning and maintenance is essential to ensuring the installation lasts the test of time and looks great year after year.

Driveway cleaning is not nearly as straight forward as people would assume, allowing just anyone with any old pressure washer to clean your drive can easily end in disaster. Drainage, substrate damage, erosion, contamination of adjacent properties, incorrect or un-necessary use of chemicals, pollution, all this and much more need to be taken into consideration when a quote is done.

As it essential to assess the work that is required including the elements mentioned above, We will only provide quotes to customers once a site survey has been completed, we will never guess a price based simply on the size of the driveway to be cleaned. All our quotes are completely free with no obligation

A brief description of our driveway cleaning method can be found below, during the quote once we have seen your property we can give more specific information and answer any queries you may have.


Although the process differs slightly from block paving to pattern imprinted concrete etc, the basic principles of driveway cleaning remain the same. We use an advanced rotary cleaning system on all drives, eliminating streaking and minimising mess.


Surface preparation, remove any plant pots, wheelie bins etc.. all loose debris can then be swept clear. Lift any drainage channel grates, remove any debris and check the drains.


The driveway is cleaned using a high pressure industrial rotary washer, this removes dirt buildup, moss & algae, weeds and most stains. 


The driveway is then washed down thoroughly all drainage channels and drains are checked and cleaned if need be.


Now the driveway has been cleaned of all weeds, dirt, moss etc.. we check for tyre marks, oil and other stains which may not have been visible on first inspection. Any such staining that is found will be treated with the appropriate cleaning detergent and re-cleaned.


For mono block driveways, kiln dried sand is applied to the driveway to fill the joints between the blocks and any excess is brushed away leaving the driveway looking new again.

Driveway cleaning before and after
Patio cleaning before and after





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